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• Essential Resource Group, LLC’s (ERG) eBooks, and programs can be accessed through a link to the library site and/or a link to access the file that can be emailed directly to purchasers.

• Purchase of eBook grants you, the purchaser, a nonexclusive license to access the eBook on ERG’s eBook platform. The license is for personal use and may not be transferred to another user.

• See the Terms and Conditions for ERG’s eBooks.

• Ebooks cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged. Once the eBook or digital program materials have been sent out, there are no refunds.

• Purchasers who experience technical difficulty in downloading or accessing a title should contact the customer service of ERG at



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• User names and passwords may not be shared for any ERG’s online products, eBooks, and Programs.

Sales Tax

• Tax may be charged to residents of certain states.



• How will I access my eBook? Some eBook file access will be sent through the email. Some will be accessed through the library site and some will have both. After your purchase is completed, an email will be sent to tell you how you can access the eBook.

• If you have been given a link to the ERG library site, then please sign on with the assigned user name and password, and your book will appear in your library. You can use any browser, but we recommend Chrome or Firefox.

• Can I download a pdf copy? You may download pdfs following the policies stated in the Term and Conditions for ERG’s eBooks and programs. Pdfs are for your personal use and reference, and you may not distribute them.

• Can I access the eBook offline? You cannot access the eBook offline, but you can download the pdf for offline reading.

• How do I get technical help? Contact ERG’s customer service at

• Does my book “expire?” Your book is yours in perpetuity; ERG eBooks are not subscription-based.