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Brain Fog? You need to find the cause by taking a whole-body approach. The doctor may need a thorough history and physical exam then run lab tests (Vitamin B levels, thyroid hormones, potential food sensitivities).

I recommend trying to get an adequate amount of sleep and do a Detox program too.

What is brain fog? A symptom or symptoms (confusion, fuzzy thinking, hard to focus, disorganized, difficulty recalling memories, forgetfulness, etc.) that can affect your ability to think and if persistent, can lead to mental fatigue.

You may experience brain fog if you have any of the following:

Conditions: Pregnancy, menopause, taking some medications, blood pressure changes, food sensitivities, heavy metal exposure, etc.

Lifestyle Problems: Lack of sleep or too much sleep, your diet, stress, etc.

Diseases: Mental Health Conditions (depression or anxiety), multiple sclerosis, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, gut health issues, thyroid issues (hypothyroidism), vitamin deficiencies (anemia), fibromyalgia, dementia, etc. 

If you want to learn how to do the right way the 7 Day Detox, check out my program.  My program tackles skincare too, what a bonus!

Be pretty and be sharp! 


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What questions or concerns do you have about participating in a detox?

Before you try something new, like a detox, it’s normal to feel hesitant. I want to hear from you.  Write your comment below or email me at I read every email that comes into my inbox and I promise to email you back personally.



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