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As our society evolves, we are constantly facing the need to change our actions, habits, and behaviors to increase our health and quality of life. We are now facing climate change, food insecurity and over 40% of our population is suffering from chronic disease.  One of the recent ideas put forward to improve our world and health is plant-based nutrition.

It is overwhelming to do a change.  How do you swap out lifelong eating habits for new healthy ones?  How do you maintain it too?  The key to implementing change in your nutrition, such as doing plant-based eating, is to decide and take that first step.  You don't need to change everything all at once, you can take baby steps.  You can take one step now then keep on doing that until you get used to it then later it becomes a habit.  

Here are 5 things that can help you adopt plant-based nutrition.

1.  Eat more fruits and vegetables

Plant-based eating means that you have a large proportion of your meal that comes from plant-based food. That said, fruits and vegetables are often the number one thing that comes to mind when we think of plant-based nutrition. So start by eating more fruits and vegetables that you already eat.  Add them to the mixed meals that you are preparing and cooking. 

2.  Increase your fiber intake

Fiber is lacking in the nutrition of Americans. Fiber can be found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Aim for food that is high in fiber such as black beans, bran cereals, or even broccoli.

3.  Focus on plant-based protein

Try switching the protein type in your meals so that it comes from plants as opposed to animals.  For example, make a salad with chickpeas instead of chicken or avocado instead of beef. Not only will this help you reduce your meat consumption, but it will also help you not surpass the daily intake recommendation for protein since the average American eat twice the recommended daily intake. Open your mind to trying more plant-based proteins. Say hello to tofu, tempeh, seitan, lentils, nuts, or seeds on your plate.  You can add a small serving of meat while you are in the transition if that will make you happier.  

4.   Try new recipes

One of the most challenging parts about adapting to plant-based eating is to adopt new habits in the kitchen. It is strongly recommended to try new recipes as opposed to trying to adapt your old recipes to plant-based nutrition.  For example, a plant-based Mac and Cheese does not have the same taste and texture as the real stuff. Start now by finding recipes and cookbooks that you like.  

5.  Don’t be extreme

Plant-based eating can be for everyone, the main idea is not to “diet” or remove something from your nutrition but more about adding more vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and legumes. For those of you who love their steak or burgers once in a while, you don’t have to completely eliminate animal-based food.  You can start by eliminating animal foods you don't often eat.  Later, you can certainly reduce animal foods by making more meals that are plant-based. As you add more plants to your diet, your tastebuds may start to change and later on crave more natural food and less of the processed food. 

Now it’s time to put your learning into action. Slow and steady is a great approach to change habits. This is not a diet but a way of living so have fun with it! 

One idea to expose yourself to plant-based food is participating in my Summer Jumpstart program.  Not only will you learn more about plant-based food, but you will learn also about ways to detox your gut. This will be your foundation to improve the quality of your cells by improving how your cells receive oxygen, water, and nutrients, and how your cells eliminate waste. 

Perhaps you are on a "wellness journey" already.  You may be walking more steps each day, participating in yoga, or increasing your exercises either at home or by going to the gym.  You could be reducing your intake of sweets or maybe trying the latest diet out there that you found online.  Maybe you are taking a bunch of supplements or on a liquid diet for a few days.  I applaud you for at least doing something.  

Adding a good detox could be the perfect match to add that will complement your efforts.  There are many reasons a person may choose to detox. As you go through this process, you will find that even if you started off with just one reason, the benefits you experience are often broader and further-reaching.

This program is designed to be gentle yet effective. It is also intended to be doable while you work, play, or go about your normal routine. Your normal routine, however, will be a bit different during this program, simply because you will be eating, doing, and thinking about different things while detoxing.

Decide now on joining my detox program. This will be the catalyst for a whole lot of benefits you will see in your life.   

Are you ready to discover the benefits of healthy detoxing for yourself?

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What questions or concerns do you have about participating in a detox?

Before you try something new, like a detox, it’s normal to feel hesitant. I want to hear from you. Write your comment below or email me at I read every email that comes into my inbox and I promise to email you back personally.


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