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We are hearing the word plant-based nutrition more and more in our society.  Is plant-based really healthy?  Already, we can see some misinformation creeping up on social media and news.  We’ve done our research and want to demystify some of the false belief that is out there.

 There are a lot of myths out there but here are the top 3 myths we’ve found.

1.  Plant-based nutrition is unnatural

Plant-based nutrition is in fact the original Paleo diet.  Paleo diet is a modern fad diet consisting of foods believed to mirror those eaten during the Paleolithic era, meaning foods that can be obtained by gathering and hunting.  This usually consists of fish, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Variants of the paleo diet are primarily plant-based and recently focused on animal products.  We once believed that early humans consumed a large proportion of animal protein in their diet. It is from that belief that, in the year around 2000, the Paleo diet (mainly comprised of animal protein) became really popular in the world of nutrition and diet. However, we now know that the nutrition of bipedal primates and Homo sapiens was predominantly composed of leaves, roots, seeds nuts, fruits, and water. In that case, the “original” Paleo Diet was in reality plant-based eating.

2.  Plant-based nutrition is a fancy term for a vegan diet

In the world of nutrition, plant-based eating is having a large portion of one’s nutrition coming from vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, whole grains, and also include legumes or other plants. A spectrum of plant-based nutrition options is available to you. Some are very strict (vegan diet), others are still adding animal products like dairy (vegetarian) and at the other end of the spectrum are those that still eat meat, poultry, and fish on an occasional basis. Plant-based is a great way to achieve good health and can be adapted by everyone.  All you have to do is to add more legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains.  These foods are free of cholesterol, full of fibers, rich in vitamins and minerals, reduce in calories, and low in fats. The key is to eat a variety of these foods so you can also avail of the protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients your body needs.  

3.  Plant-based nutrition is not for athletes

It was once believed that you needed to add animal protein in your meals to increase muscle mass. In fact, the strongest mammal is the gorilla (most are herbivores). It has the ability to lift around 4409 lbs. that is 10 times its body weight. It would be like a 200 lb. individual lifting 2000 lb. If other mammals can live a healthy and strong life on plant-based nutrition, we probably can too. Some studies and athletes have demonstrated that it is possible to increase muscles and be fit with plant-based nutrition. For example, one of the best runners of all time and American ultramarathoner, Scott Jurek is known to be a plant-based eater!

Whether you want to save the planet, become healthier by reducing your risk for diseases like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, or simply feel better, plant-based nutrition is a great option to be a better person.


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